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—please leave the text in tact—

I’ve been thinking for a bit how disconnected I feel from my followers. I feel like no one’s really even there sometimes. So I decided this would be a fun way to a) check out some new blogs, and b) interact more with you guys! Thus, the Plant Awards are born. Why plants? Why not? I love nature, and I figured it would be cute.

You guys know I never do things like this on my blog. I usually only do promos when it’s for a close friend or a side blog of mine. So these awards aren’t really my style of blogging, so if they bother you, hopefully it can be forgiven and forgotten! If you’re a follower that wants nothing to do with these awards, blacklist “the plant awards” and you won’t have to see it ever again. :)


  • must be following me (magic-spelldust) - I will check
  • only reblogs will count to be considered
  • must reach 50+ or no awards :(


  • Sage: best URL
  • Rose: best theme
  • Lavender: my personal favorite blog
  • Queen Anne’s Lace: best light/pale/pastel blog
  • Vervain: best dark/horror/gloomy blog
  • Hazel: best vintage
  • Pine: best woodsy/brown/tree/plant blog
  • Snowdrop: best personal blog
  • Fairymoss: best magical/pretty blog
  • Nightshade: best surreal photography blog

Other Info:

  • there’s no voting; I hand-pick the winners like the lovely flowers you all are
  • you will be promoted in a list to 6.8k+
  • winners can ask me to make them a fansign to match their theme (see mine on my blog for an example)!
  • a link to your blog will remain in a linked tab on my blog labelled “TPA” (The Plant Awards) permanently
  • judging is based on theme, personality, and overall posts
  • if you’re not a winner in the end, don’t feel bad! I’ll still make you a fansign if you ask me for one.
  • ENDING DATE: JULY 24, 2014 unless the notes are too big (causing it to end faster) or too small (causing the awards to be extended for three days)

Reblogging starts now! Good luck to you all, and I hope this turns out to be fun!

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